about the site

like i said on the main page, im just kinda doing whatever i want with this site now and ive been having a lot of fun with it!
i feel much more motivated to update the site when im just making random pages with no real purpose, just trying to make a neat experience ig
i used to try and put on like, a persona of sorts on here a little with the original version of this site
like trying to put on an act of what i felt like someone with that aesthetic should act like

oops im getting away from the point of this section
im realizing i dont actually have much to say here... make website fun and cool html is poggers!

have some site banners LOL .. pls dont hotlink them download the gifs and upload em to ur site and link back to the main page!

hajime pain banner
chihiro look at you banner
letter beads banner

about the peche

im 18 yrs old (march 17 2002) and have a lot on my mind always all the time
im a nonbinary lesbian and i use they/them, he/him, and ve/vir pronouns (heres examples of the version of ve/vir i use)

thiiiiis is what i look like (depicted in ms paint)

notes: i cut my own hair and i dont own a blenis shirt irl but i wish i did

fun facts: i went to bronycon 2014 when i was 12, i own a partial fursuit, and have 15 furbies
oh i should probably put somewhere that my name (and the sites name by proxy) is pronounced pesh bc its french
(its supposed to be spelled pêche but the ê is hard to type)

ig i should talk about my interests? yea
unfortunately one of my main interests right now is danganronpa, which has many many problems writing wise and um. content wise. i like it as much as i hate it
and i really REALLY want to rewrite it someday.... make my own full danganronpa remake thats not as shit LOL

i like video games in general, but i tend to be kinda bad at them (ESPECIALLY PLATFORMERS...) and as a result havent beaten very many lol
but i do appreciate the medium as a whole, and have a lot of knowledge on games i havent even played from my time online

i like drawing too, though its gotten harder for me to keep up with drawing in my sketchbook and improving and whatnot @_@
maybe ill make an art page at some point, who knows!

oh and it kinda goes without saying, but i love the old web and old web aesthetics, even if the peak of it was before i was out of elementary school...
and i love programming too! even if its frustrating as all hell sometimes when i make small dumb mistakes that break the whole thing

i have a lot of other interests too, in terms of hobbies and media, but maybe it would be better for me to make pages about them someday
in the meantime you can look at my carrd that i use for social media stuff for a big ol list of shit that i like

um.. guess thats it! im not good at closing off stuff like this, thanks for reading this far byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee