welcome 2 my funny collection of pages! this site used 2 exclusively be a personal one but i didnt feel motivated to update that as much so now its just gonna be whatever i want

page hub

these r best viewed on desktop but i think they dont look terrible on mobile
autoplay pages dont play music on mobile sadly

pages in each section listed oldest -> newest

Sect A - nice Notes
beanies autoplay / embeded music doesnt work on chrome
sunflower field autoplay
sleepy autoplay
sore wa sore wa sore wa autoplay / model credit
tails made while trying to cope from stress

Sect B - funny Notes
mario 64 autoplay
AGHH autoplay / has a secret
aim when piss autoplay
togamihatemail this may be in funny but the hatred is very real
...comic a """comic""" that is """funny"""
beanos i asked my friend for page ideas
and he said make a beanos page
and i sighed and said Ok Fine

Sect C - strange/serious Notes
test video volume warning
sees none
love colored ward volume + eyestrain warning
weird none
nao best viewed on desktop
newdrins unsure when more progress is going to be made here, but
i might as well put it on this list.
series of pages

Sect D - personal-ish Notes
promo none
guestbook doesnt always work and i have no clue why,
if it doesnt work for u pls tell me somehow thx
chao diary autoplay
new entries added whenever i play the game
+ have time to update this thing
more about slightly more detailed info abt the site
mostly just about me LOL
also i have site buttons on this page check them out

more soon...

old versions of the site

these don't work on mobile like At All bc of the bubble thing... border TOO ROUND especially the old old site that ones almost illegible

old old site

less old site

cool sites yeah!! check these out

in no particular order :3


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